Book 1 of the Ilmaen Quartet

THINK HOW IT WOULD BE, IF YOU COULD SEE THE FUTURE… NOW THINK AGAIN. Renia knows trouble is coming when she and her brother Vel pull a stranger from the surf, more dead than alive. Vel sees adventure ahead; but they have rescued a driven man who won’ …

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Restoring the Light

Book 2 of the Ilmaen Quartet

THERE’S A MOMENT COMING THAT RENIA BOTH FEARS AND CRAVES. AND WITH GOOD REASON. Ilmaen’s true Crown, Jastur, is safe; but his rule is not yet restored. Kerin knows it will need far-seer Renia’s help; but he can’t let Jastur know that. To keep Renia saf …

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Playing a Dark Game

Book 3 of the Ilmaen Quartet

YOU CAN’T CHANGE THE PAST. PRAY YOU CAN CHANGE THE CONSEQUENCES. Renia’s life has turned upside down. It’s not playing out as she expected – and it’s hard to tell if that’s good or bad. Even a far-seer can’t know everything ahead. Every action has cons …

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