Restoring the Light

The trouble is not past...

There’s a moment coming that Renia 

both fears and craves.

And with good reason.

Ilmaen’s true Crown, Jastur, is safe; but his rule is not yet restored.

Kerin knows it will need far-seer Renia’s help; but he can’t let Jastur know that. To keep Renia safe he must hide her ability – even from his Crown.

Lemno Tekai is on their heels, and Renia must warn Kerin that his relentless enemy is, like her, a far-seer.

That means telling him not to trust her, when trust is all that binds them together.

They don’t yet realize that Lemno 

has a new quarry…

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Reviews of Restoring the Light

'A gentler version of Game of Thrones'

amazon customer review

'Interesting and full of mini plots'

amazon customer a mix of the epicness of 'Game of Thrones' and the funny and easy-going of 'Percy Jackson'

amazon customer

If you like science fiction and fantasy book series like Game of Thrones or The Hobbit I highly recommend and all the series.

amazon customer

Five Stars. Great characters and plot. The pace of Restoring the Light is good moving forward in satisfying way... sense that there is more to come in the rest of the series. Loved it.

amazon customer