About me

I’ve been writing since I was sixteen but first published in 2015. Book 3 of the series was published in 2017. I’m married with 2 daughters, proud to be an Essex girl, and now live in Guildford, Surrey.

Some obscure facts about me include:

  • I was barred from a Dagenham pub (for a whelk and cockle food fight, if you need the details). I blame the folk I was with: turned out that they’d previously managed to steal a full-sized pool table from the place – during opening hours.
  • I dropped out (so much more dignified than flunking out) of teacher training college after 6 weeks. If you’re school-aged, be grateful. Very grateful.
  • I worked for 16 years in defence science research. It’s ok to ask about it. The Head of Security says I won’t have to shoot you, though that could be in the belief that what I did will bore you to death.
  • I was in an earthquake in Japan and didn’t realise till someone told me.
  • My favorite books are: The Dancing Bear (Peter Dickinson), Rebecca (Daphne du Maurier), The Morgaine Trilogy (C J Cherryh) and Witches Abroad (Terry Pratchett). I highly recommend them all for their ability to transport you to another world. I even laughed out loud during a death bed vigil reading Witches Abroad…¬†OK, that’s probably not recommended.