Calling beta readers – have you ‘Red’ on your phone lately?

Posted on October 11, 2022

Audio books are a big thing on smart phones these days (and are 100% reading, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!) I have e-reader apps on mine which is great but the format is a bit clunky on a phone screen, whichever e-reader app I use.

So I was excited to hear of a new app to make reading on a phone not just look good but feel good – indeed, it is designed to make reading much easier for those who struggle to read a novel-sized book. It does this by letting you read as if going through a deck of cards, at your own pace and with manageable amounts of text at a time. Helpful if you find yourself so distracted by current events it’s hard to keep your focus/place on a full page of text.

It’s called RedCards and the Ilmaen Quartet will be featuring on it, as will many other great books, both classics and recently published. You can see the App demo here

And the designers would love to get user feedback on it, so are letting authors share the Beta link with a select few people – such as yourselves!

Shadowless and the short story prequel, Melor’s Tale, are available on RedCards. All you have to do is download and install the Beta app using the relevant link below:



If you have feedback, use the in-app tools to show your appreciation or contact them at with thoughts and suggestions.

Hope you enjoy it!

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