It’s been a crazy year. If a free read will help you get through, HAVE IT.

Posted on November 30, 2020

It’s been a horrible year but things are starting to get a bit saner (for the rest of the world at least – for the UK I’m reserving judgement!)

I have revised Melor’s Tale so it’s not a spoiler (much) any more, and am making it permafree for download from my website. (Obviously I’m hoping you love it so much you’ll rush to buy my books, but it’s a sweet little stand-alone wintry story so just enjoy it guilt-free.)

* An ex-pirate
* A dying woman
* Soon-to-be-orphaned kids
* A good dog
* A man in black with a ledger

Melors Tale A Prequel Short Story 2nd Edition Nov2020

I’m happy for you to pass the link on to others, it doesn’t save any email addresses so none of you will get spammed.

Book 4 is making slow but steady progress but no publication date yet – sign up for updates and we can let you know.

Happy Reading and Stay Safe xxx

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