Halfway through the ten year plan…

Posted on May 17, 2020

My game plan, as a writer, was to get the first three novels out in the first two years (done!), and have book 4 ready to go this year with books 5 and 6 not far behind (one’s a prequel, and the other is one of my sci-fi stories but still in the same universe.) By year 10 I’d have a MASSIVE following and 4 more books out, wouldn’t I?

What we’ve got is book 4 still in first draft, The ending of book 5 has only just come to me, book 6 is novella length and needs a darn good look at the science, while books 7 to 10 are sketchy at best.

The good news is I did get a prequel short story done last year. I’m still pleased to have got as far as I have, given I was also diagnosed with MS last year. (I feel that makes an excellent excuse for the syrupy brain and the general desire to flob, so expect me to use it.) The equally good news is the MS is holding steady at the moment, and since I’ve volunteered with the MS Society for more than 15 years I have a good support network around me, so fingers crossed that it keeps behaving.

With the Covid-19 lockdown on it’s hard to know whether this grand plan will pan out. Apart from the timeline moving out a bit for books 4-6, for now the direction of travel still looks much the same. I’ve no time, no places to go and no budget for marketing at the moment, just a burning urge to catch up on book 4 and a good opportunity to do so.

While you’re waiting for me to get my act together, you can get lots of free PDF taster chapters from the blogs or the book tabs on this website, or if you have coughed up to Amazon for Kindle Unlimited, don’t forget you can (re)read the lot there for free.

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