The two of them had no option but closeness…

Posted on January 17, 2019

By Restoring the Light, Vel and Jez have been solidly thrown together and while they both complain about everything, you know they both kind of enjoy it.
When you picture these two huddled damply together on a bit of tarpaulin getting wetter and crosser with each other, you know this relationship is inevitable. Since Renia was busy pining for Kerin (oops, not a spoiler I hope?) and four of them had set off to Ilmaen, these two were always going to have to keep each other company. You knew there were sparks. You just weren’t sure if they were lighting a steady, warming log fire or the towering inferno. But then, neither were they.

The link below is to a short extract that’s typical of their relationship.

Extract from Restoring The Light Chapter 1 Enough was enough

Other highlights to watch out for:
Getting Jesral on the boat (Shadowless Chapter 12)
That awkward first kiss (Restoring the Light Chapter 9) and
First it’s off, then it’s most definitely on again (Restoring the Light Chapter 11).

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Catch you later!

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