‘Normal people don’t do that.’

Posted on December 20, 2018

Jez running in fear of Renia’s ability is a response Renia’s used to. While it may seem extreme and close-minded to us, these people are living in a future plagued by memories of The Catastrophe – and it is truly a memory, not just a piece of history.
About half of humanity have been born remembering The Catastrophe, able to sense the billions of lives snuffed out in one incident four hundred and fifty years before. Like a nightmare where the feeling doesn’t wear off on waking, they cannot shake off the horror.
The reason they can remember is because they have some of the ability that’s blamed for causing The Catastrophe. So perhaps what they fear now is being blamed themselves, and they are looking for someone else to carry the blame.
Jez is not the kind of person to walk away from what makes her scared, but everyone has their limits…

Extract from Shadowless Ch10 Normal people don’t do that

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