The more brains on this, the better

Posted on May 11, 2017

Well that was a long hiatus, sorry not to have been blogging for a while but Book 3 and a part-time job have taken priority. The good news is Book 3 is due to hit the screens of beta readers during the Late May Bank Holiday Weekend, with a month-long reading/feedback window. (Yes I know I said it would happen in the Spring, how kind of you to remind me…)

I’ve also been working with some new MS Society Volunteers (more welcome, just check out if you feel the urge to join the merry team here in Surrey or anywhere else). From a writer’s point of view, I have been fascinated to watch the output of our new social media volunteer Dani, and the rising Insight scores that Facebook feeds me on how the MS Surrey Group page is doing – and that’s before she’s implemented lots of the changes she wants to make. It’s been a great reminder that one of the advantages of being part of a team is that you get to see different viewpoints, and she’s finding things to link and share that I just wasn’t spotting.

When I finish doing the ‘I’m not worthy’ bowing and scraping (and when I have completely put the beta reader’s draft to bed) I’m going to study her process some more, because
1. it’s never too late to learn how to market/promote better and
2. with my budget, I need all the marketing /promo insight I can get…

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