Day 2 on the Underground

Posted on December 4, 2015

Granted this wasn’t the same as other books, since this was a two day, two book promotion, but the book fairies were out again both morning and evening on 26th November, this time leaving Restoring the Light at stations.
Again, for interested self-publishing writers, I got a number of retweets and favourites off the back of the photos.

And now it’s a week later, so the initial review of the effectiveness of this in getting my books out there?

It generated a little more traffic to web sites (mine and Amazon), and readers may still be reading but no reviews or other feedback yet, which was one of my aims. But it’s got both books out into the world where people are more likely to pick it up, and it’s given me a couple of nice picture tweets to both use myself and promote the work of Books on the Underground.

Since I was running the last free download/launch party ticket for a review promotion of Shadowless at the same time, before it came out on Nook and Kobo, it’s hard to say if it led to any more downloads, but again that got a few takers. That promotion was targetted very locally around Guildford, so the proof of the pudding will be if I get any reviews and launch party ticket requests in the next week or two.

More shortly on the (re)launch party!

2 commments on “Day 2 on the Underground”

  • Deek Rhew says:

    Very interesting promotion idea. The results of marketing are subtle and difficult to measure, but total props to you for initiative and creativity.

    • helen says:

      Thanks. Limited evidence of its impact yet, but it’s got the books out there.
      The service is used by authors at all levels: there were 3 special editions of The Hunger Games last year, for instance.

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