Day 1 on the Underground…

Posted on November 25, 2015

Since this is the first time I’ve tried a marketing campaign like this, I thought I’d blog on how it goes over the next week. Useful reference for me on how effective it is, and useful research for any authors and publishers out there on whether it would work for them.
Day 1 – Wednesday 25th November
50 copies of Shadowless have started trundling round the Tube (thank you to the Books on the Underground book fairies for distributing them!).
Here’s the tweet they put out with some photos first thing this morning, and they’ve retweeted my “Free YA books on the Tube? What about the rest of us?” tweet.
More books distributed and another tweet for the evening rush hour, and tweets are starting to come in to @booksUndergrd from people who have picked them up.
And a jump in Twitter followers too.

More tomorrow, when Restoring the Light hits Tube stations!

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