More reviewers wanted!

Posted on November 19, 2015

I found Shadowless on the shelves of the local library today (pictured)onthelibraryshelves, and had one of those ‘yep, now I feel like a real writer!’ moments.

Thanks to everyone who has provided a review already.

I’d love to have more, particularly for Restoring the Light.

You don’t even have to buy it to review it from now till 27th November! Just download the PDF reviewer’s version for free, like this:

Check out the BOOKS section above, click READ MORE below the book blurb, and select READ SAMPLE CHAPTER – till 8pm GMT on the 27th November that will download the whole book for free.

If you haven’t read Shadowless because you’re not sure it’s your cup of tea, there are some FREE Amazon Kindle download days coming up – 8pm 23rd to 8pm 27th November.

Please pass this on to anyone who’s expressed an interest, as this may be the last free promotion available. With the e-book publication on Kobo and Nook imminent, the book will be dropping out of the Kindle Select programme – it will still be available to buy on Amazon, just not for free.

Remember, every review means a free party ticket to the Crypt at Bill’s Restaurant in Guildford, Surrey on Fri 29th January, for the relaunch of both Shadowless and Restoring the Light that evening. Drinks, nibbles, a reading, Q+A and book signing as well as time to chat.

Longing to see you there and catch up!

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