Read what you love, whenever you can

Posted on October 13, 2015

This is my catchphrase. I put it in book dedications, I try to keep it in mind all the time.

There are good scientific and cultural reasons for doing so, as Bookmachine, the publishing industry professionals’ website, can confirm. Check out their article on research by The Reading Agency at

Interesting reading – and a great justification for buying more books/spending more time lolling about on the sofa reading them!

2 commments on “Read what you love, whenever you can”

  • Fidelia says:

    Good advice. I have always found that if I just keep up on the mess while I am cooking and get cleaned up as soon as we finish a meal then I&271#8;m not always fretting about a dirty kitchen.

    • helen says:

      Agreed – there’s nothing worse than having a job you don’t really want to do still hanging over you when you are trying to do something you love.

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