When life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Posted on October 9, 2015

Pictured here is what I should have been doing last Thursday, 1st October.

However a cartload of lemons in the form of a missing book stock order intervened, and here’s what I actually did that evening.


After the Failure to Launch last week, a postmortem was held with Amazon (tip: if all else fails, email Jeff Bezos). It established that the order that went AWOL is being remade and will be sent out shortly, along with a big wadge of extra copies by way of an apology.

Well done Amazon for getting the concept of customer support; and the added bonus is that maybe some of you that couldn’t make the first party date can come after all!

The Book Relaunch Party will now be on Friday 29th January 2016, same time, same venue in Guildford. Existing tickets will be honoured; the paid tickets came with a paperback copy of Restoring the Light but you won’t have to wait until the launch, I’ll send those out pre-signed as soon as my stock arrives.

In fact no-one needs to wait to read it, as it’s available online now, and I’m happy for those who buy a paperback to bring your copy with you if you want it signed.

Don’t forget a review secures a free ticket – two if you review both, so you can bring a friend/partner/child/none of the above! Just read the book(s), post an online review, and send me a message via the helenbellauthor.com ‘Contact me’ link saying you’ve earned a free ticket.

Party on! I’ll be bringing the lemonade (and something stronger too).

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