Sneaky peak at Peter O’Connor’s Lestar by moonlight – the cover for Restoring the Light

Posted on August 12, 2015

Restoring the Light 11 August 2015 KINDLEThe book covers are really important, so to find a cover designer who could top his first design with an even better one is just a dream come true. You can’t expect cover designers to read your opus magnum cover to cover, so finding a way to convey the feel of the book in a short brief is a very important part of the commissioning process. It helps if they’re borderline telepathic, as I think Peter must be. This isn’t quite finished yet but the image is so bang on the money, given it’s a scene from a book he hasn’t read, I thought I’d post it up as it is.

Renia’s off to face an ordeal that will save or doom the others as she passes through these streets. I wish I could show you the detail from the high-res version here – signs outside the shops, a cart parked up till morning, the moonlit paving setts – but at least you can get the moody sky, the sense of menace and hope.

The joy of working with Peter is his guarantee to change things till you’re happy, which I can confirm he does, and the provision of ebook and physical book design in one go (even adding your ISBN as a barcode to the back cover, if needed).

If you’re thinking about a professionally designed cover, among the many design sites out there make sure you take a look at


As ever, enjoy.

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