• Shadowless


    Book 1 of the Ilmaen Quartet

    Think how it would be, if you could see the future...
    Now think again

  • Restoring the Light

    Restoring the Light

    Book 2 of the Ilmaen Quartet

    There's a moment coming, a moment both feared and craved. Do you run from it, or to it?

  • Playing a Dark Game

    Playing a Dark Game

    Book 3 of the Ilmaen Quartet

    You can't change the past. Pray you can change the consequences.



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This story sneaks up on you: It's not one of high drama, fast paced battles or bloody fights (well, not so far..). The story does have battles, but they're much more subtle: Bullies, self-doubt, the elements. The characters build, you get to know them and it suddenly occurs to you that you've been caught up in their world longer than you had planned... Amazon.co.uk Customer review

'A mix of Celia Rees and Mary Webb.' Jane Alexander, author of Walker

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  • Location, location, location… did I happen to mention it matters?


    I managed to timetable a research trip with a family holiday a couple of years ago. (Luckily: I think the accountant would have raised both eyebrows if I’d tried to put it through the books, and it would have given me sleepless nights to try it anyway. …

  • Why writers have to talk to their characters


    (Honestly, this is not just a way to justify why I spend so much time talking to myself.) It’s important that key characters in any story can throw the reader the occasional curve ball. It’s vital is that you, the writer, were expecting that curve ball …

  • All those strange words in italics: the Ilmaen Quartet dictionary, part 2


    The key to understanding the languages of the Ilmaen Quartet is understanding which populations have gone, and which survived. Most nations had organised the migration of their people into cities as the most effective and efficient way to meet everyone …