• Shadowless


    Trouble is coming...

    Think how it would be, if you could see the future...
    Now think again.

  • Restoring the Light

    Restoring the Light

    The trouble is not past...

    There's a moment coming, a moment both feared and craved. Do you run from it, or to it?

  • Playing a Dark Game

    Playing a Dark Game

    Now her past is her trouble...

    You can't change the past. Pray you can change the consequences.



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'This story sneaks up on you: It's not one of high drama, fast paced battles or bloody fights (well, not so far..). The story does have battles, but they're much more subtle: Bullies, self-doubt, the elements. The characters build, you get to know them and it suddenly occurs to you that you've been caught up in their world longer than you had planned...' Amazon.co.uk Customer review

A great mix of action, love, and power... I don’t know what I’ll find next to read but I hope it captures me as these have. Amazon reviewer, May 2022

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    I’ve been working on a scene set in the Tor-Milanese Ambassador’s house in Lestar, for book 4 (An Empty Fade). I have got one of my characters into a bind and I know he’s going to get out of it, but I’ve been having a lot of trouble working out how. It …