• Shadowless


    Trouble is coming...

    Think how it would be, if you could see the future...
    Now think again.

  • Restoring the Light

    Restoring the Light

    The trouble is not past...

    There's a moment coming, a moment both feared and craved. Do you run from it, or to it?

  • Playing a Dark Game

    Playing a Dark Game

    Now her past is her trouble...

    You can't change the past. Pray you can change the consequences.



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This story sneaks up on you: It's not one of high drama, fast paced battles or bloody fights (well, not so far..). The story does have battles, but they're much more subtle: Bullies, self-doubt, the elements. The characters build, you get to know them and it suddenly occurs to you that you've been caught up in their world longer than you had planned... Amazon.co.uk Customer review

‘I was pulled in right away.There’s so much energy in the story. It really comes alive.’ Al Stone, author of Talisman of El

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  • The two of them had no option but closeness…


    By Restoring the Light, Vel and Jez have been solidly thrown together and while they both complain about everything, you know they both kind of enjoy it. When you picture these two huddled damply together on a bit of tarpaulin getting wetter and crosse …

  • Melor’s Tale – a FREE short story


    Melor had given the inn boy a coin to stop his sheep getting out. He’d said nothing about stopping anything getting in… The tale of the day a sheep farmer found a dying woman, and made a life-changing decision. Download the PDF below: Melors Tale A P …

  • ‘Normal people don’t do that.’


    Jez running in fear of Renia’s ability is a response Renia’s used to. While it may seem extreme and close-minded to us, these people are living in a future plagued by memories of The Catastrophe – and it is truly a memory, not just a piece of history. …